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successful ServSafe© clients:

  training& certification

CCF&B has been providing the State of California and corporate world with ServSafe® Training & Certification workshops for over 10 years. Our experienced, energetic delivery and high success rate makes us the training solution of choice for your certification needs!


 management certification

The ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification is nationally recognized and accredited. To date, more than 3 million ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certifications have been awarded.

Presented by CCF&B, this training & certification program meets the certification requirements in 95% of the United States and is typically valid for 5 years. Our certified instructors present the following course curriculum:

  • Providing Safe Food &Preventing Foodborne Illness
  • The Microworld; Pathogens, Viruses, Bacteria & More
  • Food Allergens
  • Contamination
    • How Food Handlers Can Contaminate Food
    • Personal Hygiene
  • The Flow of Food
    • Hazards in the Flow of Food
    • Monitoring Time and Temperature
    • Purchasing, Receiving and Storage
    • Preparation& Cooking
    • Cooling and Reheating Food
    • Holding & Serving Food
  • Food Safety Management Systems (HACCP)
  • Sanitary Facilities
  • Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Food Safety Regulation and Standards
  • Employee Food Safety Training& Training Delivery Methods


  food handlers certification

For those operators required to certify all employees with a Food Handlers Card, CCF&B can provide an on-site workshop or simply proctor the test. Our certified instructors present the following course curriculum:

  • Basic Food Safety
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Cross-Contamination & Allergens
  • Monitoring Time & Temperature
  • Cleaning & Sanitation

Contact us today about scheduling your own ServSafe® workshops! (831) 332.3022

workshops for economic development centers

Our long standing relationship with California based Small Business Development Centers began in 1997. During that time we have developed content-rich workshops ranging from two hours to three days in length. The workshops have been designed to address issues faced by the small to mid-sized operator and those looking to begin new ventures.

surviving & thriving in lean times

This one day workshop introduces Cost Controls, Concept Evolution & Regeneration Strategies for the independent operator and is specifically designed to help the operator develop the tools to needed to thrive in today’s challenging economic environment. Topics include:

Cost Controls

  • The flash report
  • Forecasting & budgeting
  • Scheduling tactics
  • Reducing prime costs (cost of goods & labor)
  • Make or buy analysis
  • Vendor relations

Concept Evolution & Regeneration Strategies

  • Establishing contribution margins
  • Analyzing sales trends & understanding the popularity index
  • Using a specials program as an R&D tool
  • Maximizing menu selling prices
  • Revamping your brand image
  • Building sales through internal marketing
  • Using S.M.A.R.T. goals and maximizing staff involvement
  • How to effectively use frequency programs
  • The pros and cons of couponing and discounting
  • Menu design tactics
  • Suggestive selling & staff motivational techniques

tactics & strategies for success

A three day seminar for the independent foodservice operator, Survival 2012 addresses the key elements of the financial, administrative, marketing and human resource aspects necessary for success in today’s competitive environment.

Developed by CCF&B, this intense format has captured only the most effectual and powerful portions of the original 12 week version offered by the Sierra College Small Business Development Center and University of Phoenix. Each day is presented as a stand-alone portion of a related series so participants may elect to attend only those days they feel are necessary.

Day 1: Information Systems & Administrative Techniques

  • Time management strategies
  • Management information systems
  • The Flash Report: summarizing prime costs
  • Inventory management techniques
  • Purchasing review & restructure
  • Sales & usage projections
  • Labor management
  • Menu analysis &engineering: The Quadrant Approach
  • S.M.A.R.T goals
  • Break even analysis

Day 2: Marketing Techniques

  • Internal "4 walls" strategies
  • Aggressive check building
  • Creating signature menu items & specials programs
  • Pre-shift meetings and staff goal setting
  • Menu design and layout
  • Developing a marketing database
  • Creating your own marketing plan

Day 3: Personnel and Human Resources

  • Handbooks: Standard Operating Policies and Procedures
  • Developing a competitive economic package
  • Hiring the right person: profiles and job descriptions
  • Compliance issues
  • Managing conflict
  • Termination and exit interviews
  • Training in today’s world
purchasing for profit

CCF&B has successfully developed effective purchasing systems for various independent operators and large corporations throughout the country. This one day workshop is designed for small and midsize operators and managers, and was developed to demystify the purchasing function, streamline the daily routines and maximize profits. Topics include:

  • Vendor relationships & purchasing philosophies
  • Vendor values (form, time, place, information)
  • Creating accurate and useful product specifications
  • Reviewing alternative & substitute products
  • Yield testing: the AP/EP relationship (as purchased/edible portion)
  • Accurate menu costing
  • Understanding and using the Make or buy analysis
  • ABCAnalysis: The 80/20 Relationship
  • The rationalized bidding process
  • Pricing strategies
  • Documented recipes: development, use & application
  • Ongoing research & development programs
  • Auditing the purchasing function
becoming the employer of choice

CCF&B created this half day seminar to help small operators reduce employee turnover & improve operational culture.
This workshop will help you find the best employees and create an atmosphere which motivates them to succeed &grow. Topics include:

Better Recruiting and Interviewing Tactics

  • Understanding the current labor market needs
  • Developing clear job specifications prior to going to market
  • Pre-screening and effectively interviewing key applicants (identifying good managers)

Building a Better Staff

  • Proving clear job descriptions with defined goals & objectives
  • Structured training programs, evaluation tools and motivational techniques
  • Team building strategies based on the ABC approach
haccp: demystified & working for you

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system was initially developed by NASA and members of the food industry to insure that astronauts would be safe from food-borne pathogens & hazards. Today, we have come to realize the importance of evaluating how we handle ALL foods, from the farm to the table.
This one day workshop teaches you the fundamentals of building an in-house HACCP program.Topics include:

  • Building a “HACCP Friendly” recipe
  • Identifying critical control points
  • Establishing critical limits
  • Identifying corrective actions
  • Menu hazard analysis
  • Documentation & record keeping
  • The fundamental tools of the AMC program

small business development center consultant

In addition to group training &workshops, we offer one on one counseling to provide SBDC clients with the experienceproven, analytical advice and direction they need to succeed. CCF&B can guide existing & start-up businesses in establishing industry best practices in areas such as accounting setup, menu engineering & design, inventory & cost controls, marketing to the local climate and more!

Teresa Thomae, Director of the Central Coast Small Business Development Center, Cabrillo College has this to say about us:

"Central Coast Food &Beverage has been a wonderful addition to the team of advisors at the Central Coast Small Business Development Center. Tom is extremely knowledgeable of the restaurant industry. He combines a creative spirit with bottom-line realism to a restaurant's profitability. Our clients have been very impressed with him."

Kurt Clark, Director of the Alliance Small Business Development Center in Modesto has this to say:

“Tom Bruce has provided workshops and private counseling to our SBDC clients throughout Central California since 2004. His depth of knowledge and expertise has helped dozens of our restaurant clients successfully develop and strengthen their food establishments. Tom's extensive industry experience makes him an ideal advisor for any restaurant concept."