operational infrastructure

You know your operation simply can’t go without a documented infrastructure, yet the sheer magnitude of the task makes most operators want to bury their head in the sand and hope for the best.

Let CCF&B ease this stress by creating and customizing the basic protocols you need to keep your business on track.

general operating policies & procedures

Many operators never even think about documenting procedures for dealing with emergency & safety issues, service animals or how to deal with an unruly guest. CCF&B can develop these important documents so your employees are informed, safety conscious and know how you want things handled.

management practices & procedures

Don’t forget managers are employees too! Our Management Cross Evaluation System allows the owner/operator to evaluate each manager. It provides them with meaningful insight and creates tangible goals with appropriate timelines.

personnel practices & procedures

From recruitment to termination, CCF&B will create the systems you need to make personnel transitions easier on the operation. In one streamlined package, CCF&B will provide you with an interactive Personnel Practices & Procedures manual customized to your business.

  job descriptions & specifications

A good job description is much more than a list of tasks which can be vague or imprecise.

Well defined goals & objectives, communicated in a professional manner, provide clear expectations which allow your employees to excel.

CCF&B can provide you with detailed job descriptions for each position in your operation.

These position-specific descriptions coupled with our Modular Training Program create the positive culture essential to the training process and will ensure that your employees succeed.