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employee training methods

Over the last decade, CCF&B has continually modernized and refined our training materials. This allows us to offer our clients cutting edge programs. Using custom digital photography and the information gathered in the Recipe Documentation process, CCF&B can create an array of innovative tools for your front of the house staff or back!

Our training products are designed to deliver maximum results with minimal effort.  

recipe / food production / plating manuals

These manuals are essential to the training process and are invaluable on the cook’s line. Having current manuals available in the kitchen virtually eliminates recipe modification and ensures consistent product delivery.

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server menu guides (manuals)

Make sure your new servers are equipped to hit the floor! Good servers are confident servers and confident servers know your menu!

Our Server Menu Guides are a great way to train your staff in the key components that are specific to YOUR menu. Our customized approach covers such areas as: general menu knowledge, key ingredients & preparation techniques, unique selling points, food & alcohol pairing, potential allergens and up-selling scripts.

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slideshow presentations

Today’s work pool is younger and more tech savvy than ever before. Using automated slideshows is just one way to capture their imagination while teaching your servers or kitchen staff all they need to know. Easy to use, just insert the DVD into any computer. That’s it! The presentation will automatically play showing your menu content in full screen glory!

Click here to view a slideshow we created for the servers at The Aviator Casino.

computerized testing

The employee simply reviews the training manual and/or training slideshow at his own pace, and when ready, places the Testing DVD into the computer. Remember, these tests can be created for the kitchen staff as well as the servers!

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modular training programs

Frustrated by failed training efforts? Tired of staff modifying their job to fit their personality? CCF&B has created and will customize for you modular, station-specific, training programs for the front and back of the house. Daily training schedules, documented goals and testing components ensure mastery of the material and minimize degradation of information. Learn more

Below you can see two pages of the Table of Contents from an INTERACTIVE training manual. When viewed on your computer it becomes effortless to locate and print out the exact module you need!

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video training

Video Training is yet another way to reach today’s employees! Central Coast Food & Beverage offers high quality, customized video filmed on or off site, edited & produced by us.
Video training addresses areas such as:

  • Recipe Procedures & Techniques
  • Food Safety Procedures & Processes
  • Tableside Training for Servers
  • Equipment Use & Maintenance Procedures
Interested in Video Training?

employee focus groups

CCF&B be can facilitate employee focus group designed to allow your staff to air grievances, express opinions, evaluate management & offer suggestions. This type of focus group is usually best conducted off-site and includes a written summary documenting issues & attitudes without sacrificing employee privacy.