training & certification

CCF&B has been providing the State of California and corporate world with ServSafe® Training & Certification workshops for over 10 years. Our experienced, energetic delivery and high success rate makes us the training solution of choice for your certification needs! Learn more

management certification

The ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certification is nationally recognized and accredited. To date, more than 3 million ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certifications have been awarded. Presented by CCF&B, this training & certification program meets the certification requirements in 95% of the United States and is typically valid for 5 years. Learn more

food handlers certification

For those operators required to certify all employees with a Food Handlers Card, CCF&B can provide an on-site workshop or simply proctor the test. Learn more

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general food safety

The devastating consequences of a food- borne illness outbreak can cripple an operation. Loss of revenue, disruption of business and deterioration of your brand image are only the beginning. Protect yourself & others.

Most food-borne illness outbreaks can be prevented!

Risk management and staff training are rapidly emerging as two of the most pressing issues facing the hospitality industry today.CCF&B can provide youwith the training tools your employees need to successfully manage the process of serving safe food.This system of standard operating policies, also known as Active Managerial Control (AMC) addresses such daily tasks as:

  • Purchasing Specifications
  • Receiving Guidelines
  • Storage Procedures
  • Proper Cooking Practices
  • Cooling Guidelines
  • Defrosting Guidelines
  • Contamination & Cross Contamination Controls
  • Time & Temperature Recording
  • Personal Hygiene & Hand Washing
  • Proper Use of Thermometers


haccp food safety system

The Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system was initially developed by NASA and members of the food industry to insure that astronauts would be safe from food-borne pathogens & hazards. Today, we have come to realize the importance of evaluating how we handle ALL foods, from the farm to the table.

CCF&B has created an innovative approach to the HACCP processes that are so essential for identifying potential hazards in the “flow of food”. For each of your existing recipes, we address every ingredient & procedural step to identify & document all Critical Control Points, Critical Limits & Corrective Actions, creating a “HACCP Friendly” version.

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Used consistently, HACCP Friendly recipes can virtually eliminate food-borne illness outbreaks!

auditing practices & protocols

Whether you’ve had problems in the past or are looking to avoid them in the future, CCF&B creates the processes and practices to keep your kitchen inspection-ready and serving food that’s consistent, delicious and SAFE.

CCF&B has created and will customize for you, a three point system combining site inspections, quality control audits & mystery shopping. These customized tools allow you an honest and impartial view of your operation by providing a comprehensive evaluation of your facility, the guest experience and staff performance.

Our Three Point System covers such topics as:

  • quality control, line checks & ticket times
  • guest perception & satisfaction
  • recipe & plating adherence
  • safe food practices
  • housekeeping
  • equipment maintenance