video training

Video can be used to impart all kinds of information: kitchen procedures, guest interaction skills, equipment maintenance, service techniques, safety procedures & more!

Watch a customized kitchen procedure here.

Over the years we have worked with Central Coast Food & Beverage Company, and every work experience with them has been very professional, timely and beneficial to our family business. Our latest project in developing training videos for our company went very smoothly. The attention to detail was excellent. Even though the process was painstaking at times, Central Coast was there to answer questions, make suggestions and guide us through the areas of uncertainty. In addition, they were instrumental in helping us develop a costing system for our menu pricing. As a result, we are making smarter decisions with more accurate information. They are the “sixth man” on our family business team.

Pietro's of Lodi
Lodi, CA
Annette Murdaca, Owner/Partner
Email: amurdaca[AT]

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