Many operators purchase cost control programs only to encounter  the normal stumbling blocks associated with building the program.  Many of us just don’t have the time or resources necessary to attempt the learning curve. We can help!

We are now offering Recipe Costing online!

We supply easy-to-complete templates and support to assist you in the data gathering process.  Then we take your data and create an interactive, easily updated, costing & training tool that can grow with your operation.

This interactive, excel-based program links the product/inventory master, prep recipes and menu item costs together to so that the user only has to change product pricing in one place…changes will automatically be made throughout the program.

Here is a Menu Item shown BEFORE & AFTER.  You can also hide the cost columns and you have a great new training tool!


 Here is a Prep/Batch Recipe shown BEFORE & AFTER.  





Develop Inventory Master $ 450 - $ 650

Prep/Batch Recipes $ 20 each  (w/ HACCP Guidelines $ 25 each)  

Menu Item Costing $ 20 each (w/ picture $ 25 each)

Program updates & maintenance $ 35 per hour         

Discounts are offered for higher volume or multi-unit operations.  

Support is offered via telephone and (subscription required) Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm PST by appointment only.  Program requires Windows platform & Microsoft Excel 2010 or later.Avoid the frustration, time commitment and expense of yet another uncompleted project.

Contact us today for a NO COST-NO COMMITMENT consultation to get your program started! or (831) 332-3022